Monday, April 29, 2013


Area- Vosloorus, South Africa
Companion- Elder Kelebogile
Letter #77

WAHOOOOO!!! Gonna have two full time missionaries in the fam bam! Crazy, neh? I am super excited for Nate! I was only one country away from guessing that one right! Did anybody guess it correctly? He is gonna be a great missionary. Just make sure he reads the Book of Mormon! Bummer he is going before I get home. It's alright though, imagine how happy we are gonna be to see each other again! Dad, did you not see any of your brothers and sisters for longer than 2 years when you went on mission? Has Jaren put in his mission papers yet?

WAHOOOOO!!! again! We had 2 baptisms this Sunday for Vusi and Nqobile and also the district had 4 more all at the same time! I got to baptize Vusi, Nqobile and Musa which was really cool and I was the one who interviewed all but one investigator before they got baptized. Conducting the baptism interviews is such a cool experience! Sometimes people don't talk a lot and just give you the answers but other people really tell you about their testimonies and it is such a spiritual experience. When I was interviewing Musa he told me that his goal is to go to the temple and to be sealed and he is going to keep all of the commandments to do it. He is only 16 and a brand new convert but he has already caught part of the bigger vision of everything which is powerful!

Yesterday in priesthood class we had a lesson about the temple and it wasn't very clear so Vusi and Kgaugelo were a bit confused so we went to teach them more about it and help them understand. They were amazed at it all when they actually got it. In the priesthood class the teacher was referring to the talk from last conference where Elder Whiting talks about the construction of the temple and cleaning even the smallest grit or fixing the smallest cracks before completion. Kgaugelo, after we got done teaching him last night, says "Wow, now I understand why they had to be so perfect and precise building the temple. And now it makes so much sense why we have to keep ourselves clean, not just to go to Heaven but so that we can go the temple now." He and Vusi want to go so bad. They were scared that their families would not accept the gospel and be able to be sealed to them for eternity. We are gonna have a family home evening with Kgaugelo tonight and just try to slowly get his family into the gospel. I love it when we get to teach people like these guys and they have such a huge desire to learn more and to share it with their families. It shows that they are truly converted and that they understand the purpose of the gospel. Every time we go visit them we end up just answering all of the questions that they have and they understand cause they let the spirit teach them. They have become humble through their conversion and the spirit can now touch their hearts. Sometimes we take them to teach with us and they love to talk and answer the investigators questions cause they can relate. They will say things like "Yep, I also used to think that when the missionaries first came to teach me but..." They both want to be missionaries but they have to work on raising money. I hope they can make it!

It's funny that we have these baptisms for a lot of young people and in the next couple months its gonna be more families and parents that are getting baptized. WE are currently teaching 3 or 4 families that could be baptized within the next 3 months! So exciting!

It has been a great week and I am enjoying being with my new companion Elder Kelebogile! He is way mature compared to me cause he is almost 24. I don't know about mature but I guess more serious and less joking. Having a great time though! I still haven't got a bad companion! They are all excellent! :D Sorry, Elder Foote is still the only one of my companions that has a blog.

Love you all! Till next time,
Nkosi Sikileli Africa!
-Elder Bobby Dirkmaat :D

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