Monday, April 15, 2013

24 Lessons!

Area- Vosloorus, South Africa
Companion- Elder Martin
Letter #75

Zone activity dinner at The Harvard!  Pizza is 1/2 off which means we get a large gourmet pizza for 35 rand, that's like $4!
Here comes the rain dun no dun no here comes the rain and I say...
Baptism of Kgaugelo

Chez Dirkmaat ;) Chef du jour!
Foti vode Taufi (picture from the baptism of Swiss!)
Baptism for Ofentse!

WOOOO! That means Nate's call is probs coming this week! 6 more weeks haha. You should ask bishop what the status is so you know if it's still in process, ready for assignment, or what. I'm so excited! That means I have to guess! Alright let me think... Stateside: Massachusetts Foreign: Paraguay - Nate is powerful! Now Ollie is gonna get the Stripling Warrior award before he is even 17! haha. Have they thought of a reward like that for the young women? What did Nate do for his Eagle Project?

Where did Pres. Crickmore go to become Mission President? Has he already started or does he start in July?

Alright so here's the theme song of the weekend: "Yesterday" by The Beatles. Why? Because Elder Martin is leaving. :( Another one transfer companion. I'm scared that if I get too many companions my luck is gonna run out and one of these times I'm gonna get a companion that I don't like! Having a baptism still made the weekend super! Ofentse is the daughter of Carl who was baptized in February. Elder Martin is sad that he is leaving cause we are planning to have many baptisms these coming months. One of our baptisms for Sinothemba didn't happen cause his mom went to Nigeria and so we have to wait until she gets home. Another guy that we are teaching, Daniel, told us when we went to visit for Elder Martin to say goodbye that I'll probably be the one baptizing him. Bittersweet. He's been investigating since July and his wife has been a member for a very long time.

This week was crazy good for some reason. Usually it is hard to have 20 lessons in a week but we had 12 by the end of Wednesday and finished with 24! We are teaching tons of families which is awesome. All the families we are teaching are on date for baptism in June so I hope I will still be here! Since Elder Martin is leaving now it is possible that I won't... The time is getting shorter and I don't like it at all! Too many things to learn, people to teach, things to organize etc etc. There are always days that there is hardly anything to do and then other days where you are struggling to get everything done that you are supposed to. For example, families can usually only meet in the evening after 5 and before 8 and we gotta visit each family at least twice in the week. Between the times of 11 and 3 there are very few people that we can visit. I wish there was a way to just have public sermons like the early latter day saint missionaries and teach everybody at the same time and be able to get the gospel to tons of people quickly!

Kgaugelo received the priesthood yesterday so now he is a Priest! This guy loves the gospel. You can tell by the questions they ask and how they tell you how excited they were to learn blah blah in Sunday school when we go visit them later in the day. Ever since we had the lesson where Lorenzo Snow teaches us that we can become like God, every singe prayer he says he includes something about asking to help us be more like Him. He is really trying his best! All of his friends that we are teaching all of the sudden got really busy with work and school and family things and so we haven't been able to visit them as much. It's a bummer but I am sure that even if we don't get to teach them, Kgaugelo is still gonna be great example to them and they will eventually learn the fullness of the gospel and follow through.

There's not much else to say but let me share a quote I heard:

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not." - Dr. Seuss

Have a great week! LOve you!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D


  1. My son Elder Brackett is in some of the above pics. He told me to look up this blog so that I could learn more about what's going on in his mission. My son has loved hanging out with Elder's Dirkmaat and Martin. He was just transferred and is going to miss them.
    Thanks for posting the pics. and letters.

    Take care,
    Rachel Brackett

    1. Good to know!! Elder Dirkmaat didn't give us the names of the missionaries in those pictures... Now we know who Elder Brackett is!