Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Companion!!

Area- Vosloorus, South Africa
Companion- Elder Kelebogile
Letter #76

Cannot wait for Nate's mission call! What are everybody else's guesses for where he is going to go? Anybody guess Africa this time around? Haha.

Everybody is changing and growing so much, it's crazy! it's gonna be a whole new world when I get back! I have come to decide that it is a long time to be away from loved ones but it is soooo worth it! I am loving everything about being a missionary! Seeing people change and become new people when they see the light of the truth of the restored gospel is amazing! There is a man that we are teaching who has been "investigating" since 1995. His wife is a member and his daughter as well. He went to church twice for both of their baptisms. We decided to just start reading the Book of Mormon with him one chapter at a time. He has started to read it on his own when we are not there. Every time we go to his house there is brighter light about him. Last time we went he told us that he doesn't like to read cause it is boring and he would rather do other things like watch soccer. 10 minutes later he told he was just joking. He is a really funny guy and will keep a joke going for a really long time. We were so worried and then of course so relieved when he told us that he is actually really enjoying reading and will even turn soccer off to w\read and watch the recorded game later. He says that he is starting to understand why it is so important and is learning many new things. We've been able to have really great conversations with him in relation to the chapters we red that are usually started by the questions and thoughts that he shares with us. I am super excited for this man and even if it takes him a long time to transition, i know that we are doing a great work now and the fruits will be made manifest in whole is some time when he gets baptized and takes his wife to the temple to be sealed for all time and eternity!

My new companion, Elder Kelebogile is from South Africa! He was companions with Elder martin in the MTC so that's cool. W are having a great time together so far. He is a convert of 3 years but he used to go with the missionaries for weeks at a time so he has been able to develop much knowledge and a very strong testimony. he is kinda like Kgaugelo. Baptized and 20 and preparing to go on mission now. This is going to be great transfer with him!

It is starting to be winter now and it is getting really cold! Well maybe just a little chilly, but still. We are having 2 baptisms this Sunday again! Woot woot! Kgaugelo's friend Vusi and also a members ex-girlfriend, Nqobile. Can you say that one? We are baptizing a lot of YSA age people now and then in the next coming months it's gonna be pure families!

They are getting ready to split the Botswana mission, do you think that i will get to go back? I think it would be awesome to go back and broaden the missionary work there and help prepare the land for a few stakes and a temple! It is ripe and ready to harvest!

Well have a fabtastic week family. Do missionary work!
Love you all!
-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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