Monday, November 11, 2013

Homecoming Announcement

Seeing You Soon!!!

Area- Pretoria, South Africa
Companion- Elder Louw
Letter #101

Hey Wena's!

This is the last email! Feels really weird! i don't think that I will actually believe that I am coming home until I get on the plane. I am also super excited to see everybody! Thanks for thinking about letting me sleep before going to have some fun haha. I am already super tired. maybe I'll just sleep the whole way on the plane and be full of energy right when I get there! 

It has been such a wonderful experience to serve as a missionary for the past two years. My favorite thing about being a missionary is seeing the change that is wrought when people gain a testimony of the gospel and start to become converted to it. When somebody is obedient to the principles of the gospel their countenances are changed. I have seen people go from looking poor, sad and rejected to clean, lively and just having a glow about them. I have read in the scripture about having a bright countenance and I feel like I have truly witnessed that happening in the lives of the people that I have had the opportunity to teach over the past two years. I know that the restored gospel is true! There is nothing that could possibly make me so happy. There is nothing that could bring about the changes of heart that I have seen if those who have become converted unto the Lord. Only the gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness has that power. We had the baptism of Mona Lisa yesterday and it was such a perfect way to end. She was so happy. I have seen her change over the past 6 months and I know that she will continue on the path that she has set for herself. It took a long time to get to this point but she was ready yesterday! 

Mona Lisa's Baptism!

Me with Brother Willers

I have received so much support from you and all the family and friends that I have and I needed that support! The examples that you are to the people around you make you the best support. Knowing that you have been righteous while I've been away makes me know that you love what I am doing. i can't wait to be home and see what has changed and and what is still he same. It's going to be so weird to think more about myself than I have int he past little while but at least I'll be busy. Thanks for preparing ha. The most important plan that we have to make is that we will be missionaries for the rest of our lives. Sara and I already decided that it is happening, are you in!? 

Just so you know, I love South Africa! and Botswana. I love the people here and I miss them so much even though I haven't left! I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love YOU! 

See ya in a few hours (like less that 48?)!
-Elder Robert B. Dirkmaat :D

Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Week!

Area- Pretoria, South Africa
Companion- Elder Louw
Letter #100

This week we were able to give Yolanda a baptismal date for January 24th I think. Last time we asked she said no because she's already been baptized but this time we thought of some questions to ask her and ways that we could help her learn instead of just telling her why she needs to get baptized again. We tried to help her learn and give herself the answers and it worked! We also brought a newly married couple with us. Well, they're not newly wed since she's pregnant with their second but yeah. They helped so much cause now Yolanda has normal people to be friends with and to help her feel comfortable. Having members in lessons is such an awesome experience and I'm sure having them there was one of the reasons she said yes. Before Elder Louw even finished the question she was smiling big and nodding her head yes. It was a good reminder to get our of the way of the spirit and let it do its job! It takes a lot more love and patience to be able to teach with the spirit instead of in front of it. It takes so much more concentration to ask inspired questions and effort to prepare a good lesson that they actually need. At the beginning of my mission it was hard for me to have love for the people we were teaching so I worked on it a lot but you can never stop increasing in love for others and finding new ways to help them feel the spirit and learn the truth! 

I got an email from Nate but it didn't seem like he was enjoying it too much. He's probably the most homesick missionary on the planet haha. I don't know how to help him! I wish I could just go be his companion! Hopefully what I replied will help.

Well it's my last week! Weird... but it's gonna be awesome! Lots of people to teach and people to find!

Have a fabulous week!
I love you!
-Elder Bobby Dirkmaat :D