Mona Lisa's Baptism!

Me with Brother Willers

Zone activity at the Voortrekker Museum! That place is awesome! The voortrekkers are just like the Mormon pioneers!

Bantu's Baptism!!!

In case you don't know what it means to braai boerewores, it's a South African BBQ

Gemsbok on the golf course

Guinea Fowl on the golf course

Springbok on the golf course


Me and my companion, Elder Kelebogile

Left to right: Me, Elder Kelebogile (my companion), Elder Laban, and Elder Max

Me and my companion, Elder Kelebogile

Me and my companion, Elder Kelebogile

Me, Elder Max, Elder Kelebogile, Elder Laban

Baptism for Kgaugelo with friends! 

Hear comes the rain again dun no dun no hear comes the rain and I say... 

Zone activity dinner at The Harvard! Pizza is 1/2 off so we get a large gourmet pizza for 35 rand, that's like $4! 

Chez Dirkmaat ;) Chef du jour! 

Foti vode Taufi (picture from the baptism of Swiss!) 

Baptism for Ofentse! 


Baptism for Kgaugelo!


Here is Wilson and Mary and their daughter patience! I know you have all wanted to see them really badly! Wilson is hilarious hahahahah!!!! I just had to send this first one!!! I laugh so hard every time I look at it!! The one in the Quiksilver shirt is Bro. James who is friends and stays with Bro. Tau. They are all from Zimbabwe. This picture kind of gives some info on what their homes are like. Just one room, the bed on the left, the kitchen on the right. Cement walls and nothing else! Pretty crazy! 

Soccer City, one of the stadiums they built for the World Cup and where they are currently playing the Africa Cup of Nations 

Soccer City, one of the stadiums they built for the World Cup and where they are currently playing the Africa Cup of Nations 

Francis's friend, brother Lucas, baptized him 

Woooo for the baptism of Francis!! That is his wife standing next to him 

Trainer reunion! Elder Jenkinson with his sons Elder Madebe and Elder Dirkmaat and his grandson Elder Wilkinson!! Haha

I saw this place and thought you would like a picture mom!

Me with Bishop Mulombo 

Me (in my Congolese outfit made by bishops wife) with Mama Gqibitole and Mama Tshabalala in their Xhosa and Swati(?) outfits respectively
Brother Stewart and Brother Tshabalala with Elder Mabuza and I just before Stewart's baptism
Elder Mabuza and I in front of the Johannesburg chapel
The Johannesburg Elders with the temple in the background left to right: Elders Dirkmaat, Coon, Rakotondramanana, & Mabuza


T.I.B (This Is Botswana) The reason we don't get people to church! That and the Cattle Post! 

Botswana Wedding! It was cool! I want mine to be like it! ha I don't know if you can see the people dancing... but they are! 

Cleaning the baptismal font with Elders Kuseni and Elder Stamp 

Molebatsi Family 

Mike and Sazi and Family! 

Caught in the rain! 

Do you miss the rains down in Africa? 

The goat and I were best friends but we got in a fight and I won... Sorry, neh 

We caught a donkey! Was gonna ride it but felt bad cause it was a baby and super scared! 

Me & Elder Dlamini Hangin' with the Locals 

Me & Caiphus, a YSA from Gabs, won't be my friend until I put his picture on the blog! 

Playing with the Kids in Kanye 

Elder Dlamini 

Homemade Exercise Bikes! 

Our House in Bots 

Transportation in Bots! 


Elder and Sister Moss. They are from Carlsbad, the Carlsbad stake though

Me and the kids in Mamelodi. "lekua lekua!" haha it means "whiteman whiteman" 

More Kiddos! 

Henry thug style in his baptismal suit! 

Me with Esnat and her family 

The chapel in Sunnyside nestled between 2, 8 story, flat complexes ha 

Me, Elder Jenkinson (my trainer), and Elder Samoela (Elder J's trainer from Madagascar) 

Elder Balmforth and I at the Christmas party 


Me at the Johannesburg South Africa Temple!

Johannesburg South Africa Temple

Johannesburg South Africa Temple


Me and Elder Balmforth

South Africa MTC Missionaries 

Me with President Craig Omer and his wife

Me and my 1st companion Elder Bregg

South Africa MTC

Elder Robert Brian Dirkmaat 

So Long Farewell...

So sad...


San Diego to London then on to Johannesburg
Don't forget the boarding pass
Do I have everything I need?
British Airways here I come!
South African moola - Rand
2 years in a suitcase
Oliver - I hope they call me on a mission ♫
Sweet Sophia!
Nate... what can I say :)
Me & Mom ♥
Me & Dad Chillin
My Family!
My Name Tag
Botswana Flag
South African Flag


  1. elder trias and i'll be at the same mission as you are but i'll be there on oct. 25, 2012. see you soon!