Monday, April 8, 2013

Missionary Work is Grrrreat!

Area- Vosloorus, South Africa
Companion- Elder Martin
Letter #74


Is this the week that Nate and Dad are in Mexico? Did you watch General Conference this weekend? How was it? Sara did and she said it was awesome! I don't get to watch it until the 20th and 21st and I cannot wait! Elder Martin and I have been trying to watch one speaker a night from the last Conference. We are gonna have to double up on some nights cause we are falling behind!

The missionary work here is going grrrreat like always! We got to being Kgaugelo to teach with us. One day we went to teach his friend Jackson and then afterwards we had a lesson with a sister and we were gong to teach the law of chastity. Jackson said that he also wanted to come with us so we said okay and brought him! Kgaugelo and Jackson could have taught that lesson alone and didn't even need us there! Jackson, who is not even a member yet answered one of her question with power. She asked if financial problems constitute grounds for divorce. Jackson started talking about the eternities and heaven and how we are not going to have material things when we get there so why should we let material things tear apart a marriage that is supposed to last forever and where those material things will not be. BOOM! Spoken like an apostle ha. It was funny cause I was about to answer and he says, "Can I try to answer this one?" and we said sure.

We are hoping to have 2 baptisms this coming Sunday again! A recent convert, Bro. Carl, has a daughter, Offentse, who is now ready and also a boy, Sinothemba, who has been coming to church with the bishops sons for the past few months. Kgaugelo's friends, Vusi, Jackson, and Sipho (cipopodnis! hahaha) are all preparing for the 28th. Kgaugelo is going to receive the priesthood next Sunday and maybe even he will be able to baptize his friends which would be awesome! The Ndimane family is still preparing for June 09. All the kids came to church and even the oldest brought his girlfriend with him. The parents didn't come but we got to see the oldest sjamboc his mom for it ha.

This week we also ran into another family that we tracted a few weeks ago. We found this guy and he told us to come back so we kept coming back and he was never there so we were tracting in the area again and decided to go try one more time. He was home! It turns out that he had lost his job and that is why he was home. His 2 daughters were also there so we got to teach them the message of the restoration. he was asking super questions and event he daughters were really interested even thought they are only 11 and 14. The spirit was so string and I could tell that they had a strong desire to learn more that we even got to give them a baptismal date for June 09 and they accepted! They are the kind of people that when they recognize a little but of the truth they are willing to find out more about it. Kind of like when we taught Wilson and he just had this crazy look on his face, it was the same with the Nkosi family. They had these looks of wonder and amazement. he told us how he stopped going to church a long time ago and then later on he said "Oh! So you're saying that the truth was lost. That must be why I stopped going to church back then. Cause my church didn't have the fullness. I need to come to yours and find this truth now!" YES YOU DO! I love it when people recognize that and actually understand that that is exactly what we are trying to teach them. We also found out that when we had given them the restoration pamphlet when we tracted there the first time the 14 yr old daughter had taken it into her room and was reading and studying it. We are finding some great families and it feels so great!

One other thing is that I also got to learn how to play Rugby. i always thought it was boring but now that I know how to play, it is super fun! Don't worry we were just playing touch, not tackle. ha.

I hope all is well! Have a super week and always listen to the promptings of the spirit to direct our paths for good!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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