Monday, December 19, 2011

Week one in the field = CHECK

Area - Sunnyside, Pretoria
Companion - Elder Jenkinson
Letter #7

PRETORIA— Week one is a great success!! :D  We got three new investigators and a few more potentials and are gonna teach them all this week! It's pretty crazy how much there is to do here even though it's supposed to be one of the more dead areas. 

Yes i can play soccer on pday! duh! ha but probs not today. we might play basketball with some of the other elders nearby. We actually play soccer every morning for exercise ;) cause Elder Jenkinson has a futsol ball. I shall make good use of grandmas gift, no worries :D I got food for the week for 17 bucks! We do have dinner at a members house almost everyday this month, but still, that's cheap! It's scary though cause it is 160 somthin Rand. Didn't get the package yet but if I get it in January it's all good cause then I get to have an extended Christmas! party on christmas and get stuff later :D but it's not about getting stuff right? Remember that this Christmas! 'm gonna wait to send you guys some cool stuff from here till I actually find something cool. Not likely to happen in this area since it's all industrialized. Wow! jealous I couldn't be there for dad's bday! Sounds way fun. I've heard there is a place nearby where we can ride elephants so maybe you guys will drive fast cars and I will ride an elephant on the same day. The food here is soooooo good! LOVE IT. haha. Lots of rice, chicken, beef, beans, and vegetables. And the fruit juice is prime. We had a vegetarian meal the other day and that is one of the recipes I need to go back and get (especially for Dad). They have this stuff here called pup (don't know how to spell it) and it looks like potatoes, tastes kinda like rice, and has the texture of.... uhh... couscous packed together super tight so that you could pick it up and throw it like a baseball. Put some Chutney on that and your dinner is golden. The apartment is 100 times better than a week ago but we havent got to the bathrooms yet....  ish (what you say here when you dont like it) so nasty. Think of it as camping? no way! Have you ever camped in a pig stye? sp.?  k it's not that bad but the problem is getting stuff out, not, not letting stuff in. This is backwards camping. ha. but I don't have it bad compared to some other flats in the mission and especially compared to some other missions where they dont even have flats. 

Sophie: hmmm I WANT to get Ollie a parrott but I dunno if  i'll be able to.  WOOOOO!!! you're  getting baptized!!! :D Wish I could be there!  Maybe I will baptize someone on the same day ;) We are having a baptismal service for hopefully 8+ people on January 29 or 22 :D

Ollie: I'm having lots of fun on my mission! There are a lot of poor people but not too many in the place i'm in. Lots of people live in bad houses but inside they have lots of stuff and drive BMW's ha. People like to live together in these areas called townships instead of in nice houses cause if they have a nice house they have to have a huge death fence around it. There is still water here just not as much so we can't waste it. It hasnt rained yet but it is supposed to soon. I think it will be warm but I dunno. And there will be some huge thunderstorms :D 

Nate: Have fun surfing on that new board!! Lucky you! I am having more fun here ;) haha. Go shred those waves for me and say hi back to all those peeps. Shaka brah. You goin to the temple every week??? you'll get a candy bar if you do! 

Dad:  ha no worries I wasn't sayin you should write multiple times i just thought it was funny. I don't think I'd have time to read everything! one of my friends would get questions from his mom like what should we eat for dinner today? haha.  glad your bday was so fun!! can't wait to have my 25th birthday too! Seems like you had lotsa fun ;) We will not be able to skype this time :/ What we have to do is I will call you with our cell phone so you have the number and then you call back and we talk. Bummer cause then you gotta pay which is lame but nobody has skype around here let alone a computer that new. And remember I am 10 hours ahead. So it will be in the morning for you and evening for me. Hahah nice she will love them!! 

BISHOP:  Everyone here thinks I look more sophisticated WITHOUT my glasses on. haha just thought I should let ya know. 

So this week has been fantastic!! Learning so much its crazy! I just kinda naturally get better at teaching and talking to people through all the study and practice and recall stuff we do. there is a thing called the twelve week prgram where we study everything we did in the MTC AGAIN. ha. So we have 2 hour companion study in the morning instead of just one hour.  It does not feel like 2 hours though.  We have taught many people already but we have also showed up to many houses and the people are not there. We did some contacting on the street the other day and it was pretty fun! At frist I was scared but I got pretty good at it and even got a few numbers who we are going to call tomorrow and set up some appointments.  Tracting is fun but it sucks at the same time cause of all the stupid fences. Not very efficient to go tracting here.  2 days ago I lost my glasses out in the bush (yes we were kinda in the bush, at least I took the pictures so it seemed like we were ha) and couldn't find them forever! i was prayin and seraching and paryin more and serching more and then finally I said "Well I guess we gotta go to the next appointment" then I looked down in UTER DESPAIR and there were my glasses!!! say whaa?? haha it was a miracle. The other miracle of the week is that We found a lot of people and invited them to go to church from contacting on the street and tracting and none of them showed up BUT because we worked hard all week and were obedient to the rules there were 4 people that randomly showed up at church! One guy had a Book of Momrmon and was answering questions in class like he had been a member forever! Crazy! We are visiting him tomorrow.  

That's the update and I have a couple ideas for sending pictures. 1. make a CD every six weeks and send it and 2. Send the memory card when I run out of space and 3 (which is what i'm probs gonna do) start attaching photos next time like 5 or 6 and still sending a CD every six weeks.  :D

I love you all tons and its so good to hear from you every week!! Have a wondaful chrsitmas and can't wait to talk to ya on Sunday!  

- Elder Dirkmaat

AHHH! one more thing... STUPID MOMENT of the week.  we went to a Rwandan families house for dinner the other night and I know the history of Rwanda so I'm not as dumb as this sounds but I guess I didn't realize that maybe they moved during that time... So i asked " Did you move from Rwanda?" and they were like "uhh kinda"  and they told us about it and were fine with it but I felt soooo dumb! i also felt really bad for all that they had to go through. terrible stuff.  K now I have my dumb moment out of the way i'm ready to be a great missionary! haha  lates

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