Saturday, December 10, 2011

Its the Last Days... of the MTC

Area - Johannesburg MTC
Companion - Elder Bregg
Letter #4

JOHANNESBURG— Sounds like you're havin fun getting ready for Christmas! I'm gonna miss being home for Christmas so much but good thing I brouhgt a ton of Christmas music with me! We've been listening to Christmas music everyday this week. Love it!  Dang, sad to hear about Grandma Hermina but she's sure feelin better than she was here! :D Thanks for the monay grandma!! :D ps how much do I have in checking? cause I've used my card a bit since we don't get money till we are out of the MTC.  Those are some cool ornaments that grandma got! I have a bit of bad news though. It's not very likely that I will be seeing those types of animals ha. The Johannesburg missionaries tell us that they haven't seen any animals in the wild since we are mostly in city areas. But who knows maybe I will! We took a little branch of a pine tree here and put it in a cup and made our own christmas tree. It looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. it's awesome. We all have been becoming such great friends and have a lot of fun together.

This week has been a big testimony building week for me and it was so great! The first couple days I got a cold so that was kinda lame and could barely stay awake during the day. Still have the sniffles but no worries. We have had so many lessons that helped me figure out the questions I've been having about how I can teach better and be more succesful and it really is an answer to my prayers cause I think all my questions have been answered. The key to everyting is just knowing the lessons and the Book of Mormon and teaching what you know. Simple really but intimidating at first. It's always tough to think of questions you can ask to find out more about an investigator but if I am just trying to be their friend and help them see the light that I have found they open up so much!  I have written so many things and there is so much to remember but eventually I will have it all down once I get out in the field... ON TUESDAY!... and start practicing and putting it to real use. The "investigators" we teach here are progressing well and both want to be baptized so I guess Elder Bregg and I are doing well! :D  One of the really great spiritual experiences we had was when our district all decided to share each others conversion stories or why we came on a mission and not only did it help me realize things about my testimony that I didn't know by sharing it but it also helped us become closer to each other and understand what other missionaries are like. One of them said we now know each other past the skin or somethin like that. It's crazy how the more you share your testimony the stronger it becomes and the more you realize the importance of certain things that happened in your life. Also Elder Goodwin (the australian) asked a few questions of me that I had never thought of before about my life and even that helped me realize things. In case you're wondering, my "conversion" or #1 reason is families. They really are the greatest and most wonderful thing ever, I love you family! It's amazing to me that we can have these families that love us so much and help us and have such close relationships with that we get to live with for eternity and not only that but we get to choose a companion to be with us foreever and ever and make our own family so that we all become one big happy family for eternity!

Today we get to go out on splits with the missonaries that are already out in the field throughout the Joburg city area.  Last week the other half went and they had a great experience so I can't wait!  Last night we had TRC's again where we teach members who are acting like investigators.  I don't know why I am always so scared even after we say a prayer!  Once they show up and we start talking and teaching it's so easy and we have fun doing it.  Afterwards everybody is so happy and we are telling each other how our lessons went but before we are just nervous to the max!  I know it's because of prayer and the Holy Ghost being with us that we are able to teach with such ease and know what to say.  With the Spirit and prayer anything is possible ;)

A couple days ago we had our first big thunderstorm!  Crazy!  They told us that it was nothing compared to how loud it can get.... sketch! ha.  It was way fun though, thunderstorms are my favorite. Yesterday we had our first summer rain and it was freezing!  I was expecting a warm rain or somethin but it felt like the coldest winter day in San Diego.  Apparently it snows here in Johannesburg during the winter too. Who's the one that told me the weather here was just like San Diego???

I shall attempt to answer those questions from last week. I didn't have time to write them down last time but this time I do :D

-YES save the cheesecake!!! haha jk.  I wish
-Yes grandparents can email and actually friends can email me too. I can't guarantee a reply to a friends email since I barely have time to finsh these emails but they can email so you can post this email address to my blog?
-Depends where I go if I get a car, bike or walk but its usually a car and if not then its a bike.
-Yes any music as long as it invites the spirit and doesn't have any romantic overtones or whatever ha.
I think I have already answered the other questions and I also sent you guys a letter describing more about the MTC so you should get it in like a week haha.

 I love you guys and can't wait to hear from you next week!!

Elder Dirkmaat :D

ps. I guess I should have asked last week but tell Sara thanks for the letter! :D and I'm bummed I didn't get it before I left haha but I was wondering if you could send it to me anyway?

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