Saturday, December 3, 2011

One Week Down!

Area - Johannesburg MTC
Companion - Elder Bregg
Letter #3

JOHANNESBURG— Wow, it seems like months ago that I left because of all the stuff I'm learning and all the experiences I'm having even though it's only been 1 week! We got to go to the temple this week on Tuesday and that was an awesome experience. Here's what I wrote in my journal (yes, I am writing in a journal EVERY DAY): "Oh my goodness, I absolutely love going to the temple! It was really cool to go to a temple in a different country and the amazing thing about this church is that it is the same no matter where in the world you are. On the way there, driving, to the temple we drove through the actual city of Johannesburg and it was so eye opening. It was the first time we really got to be exposed to the country of South Africa besides going to the market last saturday just around the corner. In johannesburg there are fences with dangerous sharp stuff around EVERY building no matter what. This fence looks like it is made for killing intruders... Sketch! The whole time I've been in the MTC I never really felt like it was a different country because we were in our little bubble with all the Utah kids ha. South Africa is outta control compared to America (the parts that I've been to ha) There are people everywhere dodging cars living on the streets. I've never seen so many people around areas where there isn't really much good going on. I have not seen anything nice looking really except for the MTC and the Temple. After going through the city and seeing all the craziness, getting onto the temple grounds was so peaceful and relaxing. The beauty and contrast it had to the rest of the area was so pleasing. When I got into the temple it was even so much better. All the outside noises were gone and all I could do was think about happy things and just be at peace. It is amazing to me that you can be halfway around the world and still be able to find a place like home. That's why I think the temple makes us feel so good is because we are that much closer to being back to our TRUE home with God."
We did this thing called TRC last night where they bring ward memebers to be investigators but we don't know if they are investigators or not. We had to teach two 30 min lessons and they went so well! We could really feel the spirit and the feedback we got afterwards was very positive. They told the MTC thast usually it's negative feedback the first week but we all did really well. I know that it was beacuse of all the preparation we have done and all the paryers we have said to have the spirit with us to know what to say. It was a really fun experience despite how scared we were sitting there waiting for the "investigator" to show up!
I have a ton of pictures but we are not allowed to upload them with these computers. I dont know why. I will be able to once I get into the field though. I'm gonna write down all those questions and then write all the answers down this week so that I can answer them next time. I will answer the ones that I remember right now though.
 Elder Breggs will be companion until we leave the MTC.  I dont know where I go until the day of transfers(next monday).  We mostly use cars and maybe bikes in a couple areas. Grandparents can email they are family right? ;)  I'll probably just reply in one email with them copied though.  I only get 30 minutes per saturday to emial and that is reallly tough. Kinda lame since I have all the rest of the day to do whatever and that means I can write letters with more time. Oh well I got more in this time! :D 
 I've only written one letter and sent it today and then I got a dear elder thing from my friend Alisha, one of Sara's roommates. That was nice of her and great to hear from her :D She's always really positve and happy.
Dang, it sounds like you guys are having a great time with all these changes! haha. I'm glad you are and I wish I could be there. But, I think my wish to be here is also good. Thaks for emailing lots, Iove you guys! :D
 My times out bye! ha

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