Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life in the MTC

Area - Johannesburg MTC
Companion - Elder Bregg
Letter #5

JOHANNESBURG— I just wrote you guys an e-mail yesterday and I just wanted to be able to describe things to you better since I don't get lots of time.  You don't have to send a letter back but I just wanted to send ou guys one :D  This will probably end up getting to you around Christmas time or Dad's b-day so...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  I hope you have a SUPER FUN TIME!  Lookin forward to calling/possibly skyping! ;) 


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!  Hope you have a super awesome day.  Wish I could give you a present but go listen to the song "Watchin' You" by Rodney Atkins.  If it's not by Rodney Atkins, no worries cause it's on my itunes on my computer.  Hope ya like it! :D

So I've already told you some things but just wanted to describe the MTC experience a little better.  It's really fun & they have a really great program for learning how to teach.  We are all divided into districts.  I'm in the Moroni District w/ Elders Bregg, Howard, Jallah, Miller, Goodwin, Sparks, Wiltse, Hansen, Parsons, Speakman.  Howard & Jallah are the district leaders.  In order how I listed them, here is where they are from:  San Diego, Arizona, Liberia, Vermont, Australia, Utah, Canada, Utah, Arizona, Arizona.  We are all friends & get along real well.

We are super busy all day every day.  Wake up at 6:30, actually we wake up naturally like 5:30..., and then start classes right after breakfast.  Our morning teacher is Brother Reader.  He is from Joburg, went on his mission to Durban & got back a few months ago.  We usually have a lesson & then we each take turns teaching as companionships.  We started from the very first contact and his name is Quintine.  We are going into the third lesson tomorrow.  After lunch we study then have sport time.  Then we have dinner.  After dinner our night time teacher is Brother Mokolobate.  He is the smallest 24 year old ever!  He won't let us catch a picture of him either. :\  I will get one though!  After he teaches us, he acts as an investigator also.  His name is Elton Ncube.  The "c" in Ncube is a click & sounds kind of like when you call a horse.  We are progressing with him really well & "will be at church today."

They feed us so much food here!  I think I eat at least 3 times as much food here than I ever did at home or ever.  Sorry Sara, we are running 3 half marathons when I get back.  It's weird too, I was excited I wasn't going to the south (in America) cause I wouldn't have to eat tons of potatoes.  Guess what, we have had mashed potatoes every day & some other form of potatoes at a different meal every day.  Why??  It's all good though, I actually like them a lot now.  The reason being that I never ate them with so many different kinds of sauces.  Straight pototoes, nasty!  Potatoes with sauce, yummy!  Ha. 

We just barely watched a movie called Pioneers of Africa that was produced in 2003 by BYU-TV.  It was really good and I suggest y'all go watch it.  It is a documentary but it's way good.  Go watch it!  It's so amazing how strong the testimonies & faith of the members (actually not even members) of Africa was.  Some had to wait 14 years to be baptized!  It truly is humbling to be teaching the gospel to a people that are so much more humble than myself.

Oh, I should probs tell you about the MTC Pres. & all the other leaders.  Pres. Christensen is awesome.  He's from St. George & possibly grew up in Richfield (not sure I still need to confirm).  He's really funny & also very spiritual at the same time.   Kind of a tough guy too.  Like grandpa.  His wife is so nice and always has a smile.  Pres. tells us we will all be lucky to find someone like her.  HaHa.  The MTC manager is Brother Mocke (pronounced Mockey).  He is fun & always has a riddle or game to play.  They are mind games and take multiple days to figure out sometimes.  Also, he is super competitive!  You should see him playing ping pong against Brother Reader!  It's like the Wimbleton of table tennis HaHa.  The cooks are always happy.  I can't remember their names but they are good cooks!  I gotta tell you now just in case I forget in my e-mails like I have the past 2 weeks.  I met Elder Balmforth.  He's the one who Sister Burrel told me about when she found my blog.  We are pals! :D  Also, I met TJ's friend who is in TJ's ward.  Forgot his name of course but yeah, I met him too! HaHa.

So I have a challenge for all temple recommend holders.  Go to the temple at least once a week.  It will bless your life so much and the lives of others!  I miss going as often as I did at home.  Truly an amazing place.  If you go once a week till I get back, I'll give you a South African candy bar.  Just let me know before I leave!  Ha.

I love and miss you all so much!  Good thing I've got some pictures! :D  Which reminds me, send pics of what your doing!  I can look at them with my e-mail.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & Happy Birthday!!!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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