Monday, February 11, 2013

Heita from South Africa!

Area- Johannesburg, South Africa
Companion- Elder Wilkinson
Letter #66

Hola Hola!

Heita from South Africa! How's it goin'?? :D

Those tires are pretty rad Nate! Trickin' that thing out!

Thanks for the picture of Amber, I had a dream about her last night! hahaha That was the same dream that there was a huge cobra and I couldn't get out of my bed in the morning cause I thought it was gonna be underneath the bed! SO glad I have not seen a snake in Africa yet.

This week has been pretty Ngca! haha. I guess I'll have to teach you how to say that when I get home!

No I'm not training somebody else yet. My companion is still Elder Wilkinson until March 6th most likely. Then I will go to a new area and stay a normal missionary, train again, or be a district leader. You never know!

So this week Sister Busisiwe got a job and she works Fri, Sat, Sun.... Pesky little Satan! But her husband DaCosta still came to church with their daughter and he brought a friend! Sweet deal! We are gonna go visit them tomorrow night and hopefully he will be home from work on time so that we can also teach him. We have still not taught him anything even though Busisiwe has been teaching him everything and reading the pamphlets with him. I am super excited for their future cause it looks bright! Brother Wilson and Charles are planning on being baptized this coming Sunday which is super exciting. Charles has been waiting for 6 months! And Wilson is just chuggin' along gaining a powerful testimony just like his friend Tau did 2 months ago! The ward is super excited for all the baptisms that we are having and just like I said last week, they are getting more and more involved every week. We brought Brother Kisten teaching to Sister Busisiwe and last week he went up to her husband and said "How are you doing Brother DaCosta?" and made friends with him even though they had never met. This week he walked all the way to the back of the chapel before going to class to make sure that he got to talk to him again. Love it when members make friends with the investigators! So now we have 2 investigators that did not previously have jobs and now do but they both work on Sundays!! Michael also got a job this week. He works every day 7 - 6 and only makes 1,000 rand a month.... He is happy to have something! Brother Tau also has a similar situation but he managed to get Sunday off so hopefully Michael and Busisiwe can do the same.

Francis gave a talk yesterday during sacrament meeting and we didn't even know about it! haha. We walked in and saw him sitting on the stand and he looked super nervous. His eyes were huge and he just looked really funny. But he gave a powerful talk about standing in holy places. It was nice to hear that. He also received the Aaronic Priesthood and so he will get to pass the sacrament next Sunday. Francis is such a great guy and I am so happy for the opportunity to be able to have taught him and Stewart and Tau. They are powerful spiritual giants! We have been meeting many Ghanaian's the past little while and so we are gonna try to bring Stewart with us to teach them. Yesterday we had him walk with one of them, Brother Godson. Godson is a pastor for God's Oracle Power Ministry International. It is his own church from Ghana and he is here trying to organize it in South Africa. It is difficult to teach a pastor cause they find a way to agree with everything you teach and still back themselves up and not have to admit to the truth. I hope that being at church and seeing how it works will help! He likes to go to the churches where they play drums and loud music and everybody prays at the same time and they all "speak in tongues" and is just crazy. He commented and said that our church was very orderly. Which made me think of the scripture or the quote that says the house of the Lord is a house of order, it just helped build my testimony of how 100% true The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is!

Along with visits to the people of Ghana they have given us new names. According to the day you were born you have a certain name along with your other names. Since I was born on Wednesday, I am Kwaku. Here are the names for the rest of the days, male first and female following: Mon - Kojo and Adwoa Tues - Kwabena and Abena Weds - Kwaku and Akua Thurs - Yaw and Yaa Fri - Kofi and Afia Sat- Kwame and Ama Sun - Kwesi and Akosua. Let me know what your names are!

Well that's all for the week for now. I wish I was like Elder Wilkinson and could think and write fast and have like 2 pages done by now! haha, Oh well.
have a great week! I love you all!

- Elder Bobby Dirkmaat :D

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