Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Apply the Gospel in Your Life

Area - Johannesburg, South Africa
Companion - Elder Wilkinson
Letter #65

HAHAHA YES I AM GOING CRAZY WAITING FOR THAT CALL (for Sara Newman)!!!! It seems like I'm gonna have no friends when I get home cause they are all gonna be on mission. Lucky you mama!! Or lucky school ha. So excited to hear where everybody is going though, especially Sara. Nate tells me that I don't get to know where he is going until like June. That camp-out looks like it was way fun! Guess what!? I get to go next time!! I love that Sophie was the one enjoying the off-roading and the scouts were the ones that were scared! hahaha. She's still a girly girl but she's a tough one!

The work is going very well!! Busisiwe and Wilson are on fire not me! haha. We have taught Busisiwe basically everything now and she is ready! Except for one thing...Her and her "husband" are not married. EISH. They are gonna talk to the bishop and he said he can get them married easily. The only problem is that they were lazy and didn't do the paper work. ALSO, her husband, DaCosta, doesn't really like church much. He had some bad experiences in the past with other churches BUT, on Saturday we knew that they were moving so we came to help them and he was so thankful that we came. If we hadn't it would have taken them a few hours but instead it only took like 2. The next day he came to church with her! He looked so good in those nice clothes. Would have never guessed that he was a mechanic and loved to drink all weekend. Made me happy!!

Maggy and MacDonald are having a super rough time right now. They did get kicked out of their flat today and they have nowhere to go. We asked bishop if he could help them out someway and so we have to call him straight after this to see what happened. They haven't been to church for 3 weeks cause Maggy is working overtime everyday and every weekend and MacDonald is still looking for work. It's sad when things happen cause I have no idea what I could do. I know what I could if I was not a missionary... We basically have to hope that the members are willing to help. When we went to visit them one of the children said that they had just returned from town and that they were at church. I don't think the parents heard but that makes me worried cause it means that they are turning somewhere else and they don't feel we can help. The gospel of Jesus Christ will help everyone in every situation but only if they apply it. That's the part they aren't doing. WE shall see what happens and we will not give up on them!

In other news, we no longer live in the student housing next to UJ. We now live in a cheese boy area on the opposite side of Joburg in an area called Bruma and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! So happy to get out of those other flats and not have distractions like parties and drinking and loud music. Now it's peace and quiet, the flat is bigger AND nicer AND safer AND more convenient AND the same price. It's just ngca ;) Can you say that?

Not much else but know that I love you family! It's such a great experience to be here in Africa serving the Lord and I am so grateful for the support that I have from you! Be safe and be good examples to every one you meet!

-Elder Bobby Dirkmaat :D

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