Monday, June 4, 2012

The Spirit Leads the Way

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Holman
Letter #30

Hi family!

Thanks for the great e-mail! Super excited that Eric turned in his mission papers! that's awesome! I was already gonna write him a letter today to see how he's doing since I tried his e-mail and it didn't work I guess. He finds out next week already? Better tell me where he goes and when he leaves! My guess is Paraguay. My hope is South Africa ha. When will Brother Gruen be in South Africa? Depending if I get residency, I could be back in 5 weeks. But if I do get residency I'll probs be here till at least the end of this year. That daddy-daughter dance sounds like a blast! Glad you went "all out." No regrets! haha. Do you have any pictures of what you looked like? I didn't get the announcement for graduation yet but I got the 6 month package! Thanks for it! I like it a lot :D

This week flew by so fast it's hard to even remember what we did. We had our record number of investigators at church yesterday, 4! The Molebatsi family came on time finally which was really good cause they finally got to take the sacrament and all of the sudden they are all fired up again. They got hung up on tithing but they are overcoming that by developing their faith and desire to follow Jesus Christ. We've been teaching a lot about faith, commandments, being examples of the believers, being children of God, etc. One lesson we were teaching I thought of an analogy randomly about why we follow the commandments. Totally the spirit that gave me the analgy cause halfway through it I didn't even know what I was gonna say next or it was all gonna work ha. We were telling them you have a belief in God first. Then, you read the scriptures to learn of him. Next, pray to receive an answer that he is there. Finally, obey the commandments that he gives to increase your testimony of him and receive blessings. Analogy: You want some chicken. You believe that there is chicken at the supermarket. You read the advertisement in the paper about the chicken(read the scriptures). You go to supermarket and ask the workers where the chicken is(pray). They show you and tell you that to get it you have to pay(answer to prayer). You pay the price(obey commandment) and you get the chicken. I got to believing that there is chicken at the supermarket and thought "Where am I going with this??" but I kept talking and it all worked out. It was interesting and kind of an example of in D&C when the lord says that the spirit will give us the things to say in the moment that we need them. I've had it happen so many times but this time it was a little easier to explain than other times so I told you about it! ha. But we had a nice time with the Molebatsi family last night. They weren't sure that they were ready to baptized yet. The father is a detective so it is tough for him to do something without knowing everything. We asked them the baptismal interview questions and they answered correctly and firmly to all of them and so we told them that they are more than ready to be baptized. The thing about learning more we told them would come when they received the gift of the Holy Ghost and even I told them the story of one of the presidents of the church when he was 98 years old told the other apostles that he was finally BEGINNING to understand why we go to the temple. They are now planning on being baptized on June 17. Pray for them! He's gonna be the next branch president! ha.

On Saturday we met two kids 12 and 14. It was crazy to hear about the kinds of things they had done in their lives already. One of them told us about his favorite kinds of beer and the other told us of how he had french kissed this girl. There was some other stuff but I think that sufficeth yeah? We were talking to them for a while and they really wanted us to come visit their families and even they wanted to come to church the next day. Lots of missionaries don't like to talk to kids too much but would rather just say hi make them laugh and keep going. Me, I love talking to kids! And now we have this sweet teaching opportunity because the 12 year old came to church yesterday and brought his sister and nephew! They walked like 5+ miles to get there too! I am excited to go visit their families today and hopefully it will be as good as I hope it is!

The past weeks I have been really bad at getting out of bed at 6:30. I've been awake but not out of bed. This last week I started to make progress and did like 15-20 mins of stretching before getting out of bed and this week I should be exercising AT 6:35(after I pray ;D). It's been super hard to be awake right away in the morning for me and it's weird because the sooner i get out of bed the better of a day I have. Being exactly obedient truly brings blessings! I like the story you told, Dad, about how you would go to sleep way late and be physically tired even the next morning but you still had energy because you were doing what you are supposed to. I am enjoying mission and I love it so much and I'm sure that if I can wake up on time I can love it even more.

I hope you have a great week! I love you all! I will def keep that girl in my prayers.

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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