Monday, May 28, 2012

Still Preach'n the Good Word

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Holman
Letter #29

Dear family,

I´m still going strong and having a super time serving the Lord! We had some more sweet experiences this week with finding people this time. We did so much tracting this week. I think we walked on every path/road in half of Kanye and some a few times over.  For some reason we didn't  have many appointments especially from 10 till 4 or 5.  During these almost nobody is home and on  Saturday when they are home they are drunk so it is very tough.  Despite the difficulties we found 7 families to teach!

One old guy, Bexter we talked to on Tuesday. We talked with him for a while explaining about the Book of Mormon and he told us to come back Sunday. We got there on Sunday and for some reason he thought is was supposed to be Wednesday so he didn't have much time but he told a bunch about the things he had learned from reading th BOM (he read a lot) and some new revelations that he had never heard of and so was excited for us to come Weds and we also gave his wife a Book of Mormon because she waiting for her husband to finish it before she started reading. Also he says that he is building a house here in Kanye (he may enlist our help to finish soon) that he would love to rent to anyone who needs a place to stay here in Bots :D 

On Thursday we went on exchanges so I was here in Kanye with Elder Fackrell from Sandy, Utah. He´s a sweet guy and we had a lot of fun. P.S. when I say fun it means that we had a good time as worked hard. It´s not fun to mess around all day and have ¨fun¨ and then at the end of the day feel terrible for not doing missionary work. just so ya know what I mean by fun ;)    So we had to a lot of tracting that day also. We were walking down a road and this teenage guy says ¨Hey! I want a Book of Mormon!" So we go and ask him how he knows about it etc and he told us that his dad brought it home like a week ago and that he saw it and read it and liked it and ended up reading half of it and now he can´t find it. He said his dad´s name was Norman. So a little over a week ago we were sitting on the steps of the church waiting for people to show up for a meeting that nobody ended up coming to...ha but this guy starts talking to us and we pretty much shared the message of the restoration with him in the 40 mins that we just stood there talking to him. We gave him a BOM invited him to church and asked for his phone number. We never ask for addresses here cause there are no addresses. We had been trying to call him all next week but never answered. BAM, his son talks to us. BAM, we are visiting this week. BAM, God works in mysterious ways.

20 min. later we see this family going into their house so we hurry over and talk to them. They seemed very interested and invited us over the next day. We go the next day and the father says, ¨On the back of that pamphlet you gave me it said something about the Book of Mormon¨ tells his wife to grab a book from the shelf. She brings it over. He holds it up with a big smile on his face and says, ¨I´m a member!¨ turns he is not a member but he had attended in Gabs a few times and the missionaries had visited him but then he moved here to Kanye and lost contact. He told us that he used to read it a lot and that the missionaries helped him get out of a huge pit in his life that helped him have the family he does now. He asked when and where church is. We told him. He said, ¨We will be there.¨ Why did I decide to walk down that street that looked absolutely desolate and that I had walked down so many times before?

Thatś just three of the families me met this week and the others are just as prepared. Iḿ so excited to go back to visit these people and bring the light of the truth to their lives. Tracting was not what we wanted to do but we prayed to have success and did what we were supposed to do and our prayers were answered. I know that this Gospel is true and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the Lord´s kingdom once again established on this earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. Why? because I have prayed to know and He has answered me. How? The feeling I have in my heart through reading, praying, sharing it with others, seeing the change it brings to lives and way it brings families together.

Have a wonderful week! I love you!
-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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