Monday, June 11, 2012

Dumella! Legai

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion- Elder Holman
Letter #31

Dumella! Legai? Sounds like you are doing fine! :D

Today I don't have much time cause the internet is painfully slow. I hope Steeze graduates too! Goin to Byu-I in a few months! crazy! Must be fun to have grandma there with you. Jealous! ha. Yeah it's cool if he gets another car as long as dad approves. I didn't get to look at the pictures cause of the internet but I will next week, no worries. Grandma's story was super funny! Loved it ha.

I have the information I was missing last week. So the address for the Botswana Mission Office is:  Postnet Kgale AD 172 ADD Gaborone, Botswana - Some things that would be sweet in a package: Crest toothpaste whitening plus scope Minty Fresh flavor, Ocean Potion chapstick Lip 45, a star chart, and this cool scripture marker utensil thing that you could ask Sara about.  I think she'll know what I'm talkin about. :D And some things that you should check out:  Look up
the Soweto Gospel Choir and listen to the music! It's super cool! Also Oliver Mtukudzi has some nice music.

This week has been great! The kids that walked 5 miles to church; we didn't get to have more than one lesson with them cause they stay with their grandma so we have to bring a member with us to teach and we couldn't get one to come with us so we didn't get to teach them but we saw them a few times and even found out that his older sister used to attend in gabs and has a BOM but never got baptized. They weren't at church this week but hopefully we will get to visit them this week.
He introduced us to all his friends this week and he says he had been praying a lot since on Monday we taught him and his nephew about prayer.

We had a record number of people at church again! 7 this time! It was freezing cold too which makes it even more of a success! Usually people don't come to church if it is too cold. It was so cold this weekend I felt like I was back in Idaho! Good thing we have some heaters in the flat and that I have a good coat for during the day! On Wednesday we went on exchanges with the zone leaders which was awesome. Elder Robinson came with me in our area and Elder Holman went
with Elder Kuseni from Zambia. Elder Robinson and I did some  tracting and found some sweet people. One guy we talked to wasn't really interested too much at first but we helped him fix his car and then he wanted to talk to us more as time went on. Eventually as we shared some things and answered some questions he had about churches and God he invited himself to church and asked when we could come back! The only problem is that he is ALWAYS at the cattle post. I don't know why everybody has a cattle post but they are always there. It's almost like they'd rather be there than at home. So he wasn't at church this week and we probs won't get to see him for at least another week cause of how much he is gone.

Another guy that we taught yesterday, Robert, is way cool. I met him on Mothers day while Elder Holman was on the phone.  He thought I was a land surveyor so he came over to talk to me. He has many questions about the gospel and which church is true etc. He says all the churches do funny things and he doesn't want to put himself with them. He says there are pastors but on the weekend he is a rapist or a murderer so he doesn't want to go to church. He does almost everything right except he doesn't go to church! He also has a hard time accepting that he can learn anything from us cause we are so young and he is 54. We made some progress yesterday though because we kind of got him to realize that we know a lot he doesn't for example, what the spirit feels like. He was really happy that we could answer some of his questions and he even told his wife that when they go to the cattle post tomorrow they are going to bring the BOM with them and he is going to read it all day! We'll see how that goes but I think he is being honest with us. He always introduces us to people that are at his place as his friends and helpers to learn the gospel. He likes us a lot, it's just a matter of him doing the work to read and pray about what we share with him.

Well I gotta go but have an awesome week with graduation and having grandma there and all that! Love you family!

-Elder Dirkmaat

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