Thursday, May 10, 2012


Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Holman
Letter #26

Hello family! Sounds like a great week for you! glad ya didn't get bit by that snake! I almost got killed by a dog! Twice! Good thing I hadn't opened the gate yet when it came tearing around the corner! ha.  and the second one we were attempting to open the gate and then saw the dog so we stopped. It was just walkin around not being mean at all. A person came out to talk to us and a member that was with us leaned on the gate as we were talking. The dog snapped! Narrow escape. ha but it was scary. Glad you also got to go to the temple. I miss the temple so much! If I would have stayed in Sunnyside I would have gone on Friday. Now I won't get to go for a loooong time. I can't see the picture of the chapel that you sent me so I can't tell ya if that is it or not. The building we meet in is a rented space in building so there are 2 signs on the front of it. Obviously our church sign and the other is a sign that says "CEDA".  It is right off the main road by a TOTAL gas station.

This week we have had 16 new investigators! We did a ton of tracting cause we had like 5 investigators when I got here. So now we are going to get some results from these new investigators. Its tough here cause everyone will let you into their house and be nice and accept a return appt even if they know for a fact that they don't like you or ever want to talk to you again and others like to talk to white people so that's the only reason they want you around ha so we have to sift through those people and really help them have a desire to learn the fulness of the Gospel.  The missionaries are the ones who teach classes at church so in Sunday I taught Gospel principles for the first time. Not that hard after all! haha. We are going to have a baptism in 2 weekends on the 20th! I'm excited cause this guy is a police detective, huge guy, and softest face. He reminds me of The Rock haha. Big guy but baby face. He wants to be the next branch president.  There was one guy that we got to talk sit down with and he stared to have lots of questions and at the end of it all he said that he was going to have devote lots of time to read the Book of Mormon to study and pray about it. He said he would spend 3 hours that weekend at least! We will find out how that went soon enough. Its been a good week and it's all about attitude! Could have walked around and been sad and got no results from all those hours of tracting but instead we worked and had a good time and met tons of people to share the gospel with! I really need a camera for alll the cool sights here! ha and not sure if Elder Foote is gonna be able to find mine so I will let you know on Sunday when we call. Which is gonna be in the morning for you and in the night for me.  You start church at one I think you said so it'll be before that. I'll call you for 2 secs and then you'll have to call back. :D

Love you family! Have a super week! Talk to ya Sunday! :)

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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