Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday! Baptisms & Pictures!

Area - Sunnyside, Pretoria
Companion - Elder Jenkinson
Letter #16

PRETORIA— Contrary to your terrible vegetarian sunday dinner I had a really good lentils and rice vegetarian saturday dinner from the Rwandan family in our ward :D The only problem was they gave 3 times as much as I could possibly eat, or so I thought. Elder jenkinson only finished half of it. It sounds like you all had a great week though! Glad you got to go to the temple too! I miss that temple. I bet you enjoyed that hug Ollie ;) Sophie, on p-days we usually go do things with the other missionaries nearby. Sometimes we play sports, sometimes we go see lions, and they want to go ice skating next week. This morning didn't start of my pday too well. Since we (elder Jenkinson and I) have to be within sight and sound of each other I had to endure the pain of being in the same room while his foot was stuck full of needles at the physio! My insides are still rolling around and MY foot feels weird! ha.

Yes we did have baptisms yesterday! Angela, Henry, and Clement were baptized and we also baptized one of the members 8 year old sons Dallan. It was another great service of course but this time we planed better than normal and so it was a lot nicer. I got to perform all 4 baptisms! We are supposed to get members to do it but angela wanted me to so we decided it would be easiest to have one person do the baptizing. Henry is the funniest guy we have ever taught. He got his baptismal clothes on and was so happy and wanted to take a bunch of pics. Hopefully I'll be able to send one today. The other day we were teaching Henry and we asked him a question about the gift of the Holy Ghost and he just started talking for like 30 minutes. It was fine though cause i didnt want him to stop! He was telling about a pastor in Nigeria who says he is a prophet. He starts his sermons by waving his arms over the crowd and teling them to receive the Holy Ghost an then everybody falls down. Then henry said "If that was the Holy Spirit then what about the cameraman? why didn't he fall??" hahaha henry is very passionate about everything and I think he could be a missionary based on the way he understands everything we teach. All three of them have really strong testimonies and all the members were very happy. This baptism had the biggest member turnout compared to the other ones.

The Lekomo family (the guy who called us and wanted to be taught again) has been doing very well. We met with them the other day and the father said that he wouldn't be able to make it to church since he still has responibilities at his other one but the rest of his family was at church and they enjoyed it! He has 4 kids, his wife, and also a cousin who stays with them who were at church. His son is 10 (Ollies age) and one of his daughters is turning 8 (almost sophies age!) They are such a great family and the kids are my favorite. They are always really happy and do random things. For a period of like 5 minutes I just sat there and watched them talking and walking around and playing just laughing to myself the whole time. Pretty much kids just make me happy. I'm so glad that we are teaching a lot of families lately cause families are exactly what the church needs!

Overall this been a great week but so fast! I feel like I just emailed yesterday. Tuesday next week Elder Jenkinson will be in a new area and I'm gonna have a new companion! 3 months already!

Thhanks for being such an awesome family and for all the emails! I love you guys andIi hope you have another great week!

-Elder Dirkmaat

Me and the kids in Mamalodi, "lekua lekua!" ha ha it means "whiteman whiteman!"

More Kiddos!

Me with Esnat and her family

Henry thug style in his baptismal suit!


The chapel in Sunnyside nestled between two 8 story flat complexes, ha!


Elder Balmforth and I at the Christmas party

Me, Elder Jenkinson (my trainer), and Elder Samoela (Elder J's trainer from Madagascar)

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