Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Times

Here is Wilson and Mary and their daughter patience! I know you have all wanted to see them really badly! Wilson is hilarious hahahahah!!!! I just had to send this first one!!! I laugh so hard every time I look at it!! The one in the Quiksilver shirt is Bro. James who is friends and stays with Bro. Tau. They are all from Zimbabwe. This picture kind of gives some info on what their homes are like. Just one room, the bed on the left, the kitchen on the right. Cement walls and nothing else! Pretty crazy!
Area- Johannesburg, South Africa
Companion- Elder Wilkinson
Letter #69

Hello! From your Mission Mormonary in south Africa!! :D

So here's the inside scoop. I am going to a new area tomorrow and I am becoming a district leader. I wish i could stay here cause I am gonna miss seeing so many people get baptized over the next month or two! It always seems to happen that way and I don't know why. It has been a fantastic 6 months here in Johannesburg! i have loved it! We shall see where the Lord sends me next.

Here's the highlight of the week. We have been teaching Wilson and his wife, Mary, for the past 3 months. Wilson is ready for baptism as soon as he can get married to Mary legally. we thought it was going to happen this week but the embassy is being dumb and says that they both have to go to Zimbabwe together to get the letter required for bishop to be able to marry them. So they didn't get it this week and Wilson is still not baptized. So that's not the highlight! The highlight is that Mary has been making promises to us every week that she is going to come to church and she never has. Well she came yesterday and she absolutely loved it!! It took her this whole time to come and now that she has she told us that she is going to go to church every Sunday for the rest of her life and she is going to get baptized as soon as possible. She said her favorite part was fast and testimony meeting and the Relief Society class. She also enjoyed Sunday School but the other two were her favorite. She said that she was so impressed by all the children that went to bare their testimonies and then also in relief Society there was a sister who told about how she felt very small and insignificant compared to all the other members when she came to church for the first time but through reading the book of Mormon and gospel principles class and going to church she loves it and couldn't be happier any where else. Mary said that is exactly how she felt and she wants to be just like that sister. So grateful that Heavenly Father prepared all of those people to be there and share their testimonies on the day that Mary first came to church! It took her 3 months to come and now she wishes she had come the very first Sunday we met! It's interesting how things happen but they always happen fro a reason!

We got to continue meeting with DaCosta and the best thing that he said to us which was actually a day that we just passed by was, "I have been reading and praying everyday and I'm learning! I feel something inside and I wasnt more!" WOOO!

So many great things are happening in this area. I love it! So sad that I have to leave but great things are bound to happen everywhere that the gospel is being taught and learned!

I love you family have a fabtastic week and keep seeing miracles in your lives! :)

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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