Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Howdie Do!

Area - Johannesburg, South Africa
Companion - Elder Mabuza
Letter #52

Glad Halloween was so great! Mine was also great cause I got your package the day of! Haha. Thanks! I think it's super funny that Oliver gets so scared but he still wears scary costumes every year. I guess it's kind of like "little man syndrome" where short people drive huge trucks... Nate has the worst luck with playing soccer! How long is he out for? I'm happy he is alright though. He still didn't e-mail me back answering all my questions so the only things I know about school and his girlie friend are from you! You said she's from Texas but Sara said she's from California? Ollie is already a Boy Scout?? What in the world! That's exciting though! I notice that his hair is always buzzed now instead of long. Isn't that kinda how it went for me also? I used to have long hair and then eventually it was always short?

So today I forgot my planner at the flat and am having a very difficult time remembering what I did this week! That's why we keep journals right?? BTW, I am writing in mine! There was a 2 or 3 month period where I didn't but I repented. ;) That also reminds me that I need a new one soon! I would buy one here but it's nice to have uniformity ya know?

I'm really glad that I have Elder Mabuza as my companion. It's so nice to have a companion who also wants to work hard and get things done. It's tough sometimes cause he didn't really get any training so he's still learning a lot but I am also learning tons from him! I dunno if I would be a good trainer cause now instead of being the one that is super scared to talk to people, I'm the one that can't keep my mouth shut and sometimes I feel like I don't give him enough opportunity to talk! So if I train and he is scared to talk then I'll just talk myself. That's bad cause we are companions. Elder Mabuza isn't scared to talk it's just that he's not as quick to answer or say something as I am. It's weird how I talk so much now. Elder Jenkinson wouldn't believe it! It's interesting also. If you know about the color codes like Red are dominant characters, whites are shy, etc, You would think I'm a white right? Well Missionaries randomly say to me things like "Man, you're such a yellow." Even members say things like "Wow, Elder it's great you talk so much! We thought you were gonna be really quiet."

I'm so grateful for all the support that you give and the love that you show. Thanks for everything you do! It's crazy that it's been a year at the end of this month! Time flies! I am loving being a missionary! I learn new things everyday and gain a stronger of testimony of the peace and love that really exists because of our Heavenly Father and the sacrifice his son Jesus Christ made for each one of us! I love you family and hope you have a super week and holiday season!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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