Monday, November 19, 2012

1 Year!!

Area - Johannesburg, South Africa
Companion - Elder Mabuza
Letter #54

Hey there!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun in Utah! Jealous haha. I think you should go for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. You know what I mean? ;D I hope it is a superb week though! we don't do anything for Thanksgiving. At least I don't think so. We get to have a Christmas party but not Thanksgiving. We can still make our own though with the members or something!

I finally got an email from Nate! ha. Sounds like a good plan to me. Except his availability should be for Jan 2014. JK! Pres Monson says his availability should have been a couple months ago! That's exciting though. It's weird that he is already doing all this stuff and that I won't see him for so long! What am I gonna do when I get home?? Oh that's right, hang out with mom and dad and grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles! Maybe I should write them some more letters so that they will have good feelings towards me when I get back so that they will want to suffer my presence. Ha. Family, I love you all! I promise!

I am excited for December! Frances and Steward are gonna get baptized! Frances says that all he needs to do is to get a suit so that once he is baptized he wont be coming to church in colorful button down shirts and jeans. Stewrd is also ready. He just got a job and so I really hope that it does not interfere with his church attendance. that's the thing about investigators with no jobs. They pray and we pray that they can get a job and then they do get a job and they have to work every day of the week and they stop coming to church! But so far so good with Steward. he was there yesterday. Nokwanda moved less than 1 kilometer out of our area and into another area so the other elders are now teaching her. Well they would be if she wasn't home for the holidays. But she is def gonna be baptized in Jan if her parents agree! So as much as December is gonna be a really good month, it might also be a really difficult one because nobody that lives in Joburg is from Joburg so they are all going to be going to their home towns/village for the holidays including members so we are gonna have nothing to do. Hopefully that will not be the case but that is what it seems is gonna happen. :/

I'm gonna be a year on Saturday! what in the world!? It's not a hump though! It's only a hump if you don't enjoy your mission. For me it's more like...I dunno, not a good thing or a bad thing. ha.

I didn't get to watch the videos cause the internet is slow and I have to download each one of them. I'm guessing they are about surfing at the beach? Amber was surfing too??

Thank you for all the things that you write to me each week! I love to hear from you and hear what your thoughts are and everything like that! The church is true! I'm so thankful to have a family that I really am excited to live with for eternity! :D

Love ya!
-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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