Monday, September 10, 2012

Fantastic Week! + Pictures

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Dlamini
Letter #44

Howdy family!

 Man, your week sounds like it was way fun! The pictures of nate at the apartment are making me miss college so bad! ha. I can see that you set him up nice. I remember that at first I was embarrassed that you were with me but then it was super cool to have you there! I got all the inside knowledge and swwet hook ups! Even Zac kept telling me how cool my parents are haha. I guess Nate is having too much fun at school already cause I haven't heard anyting from him. In those lobster pictures you both look like teenagers! Dad looks like he's a premissionary again! haha and Thanks for taking Sara out too! That's awesome. Be careful when you put dares out cause she won't back down! haha

The week for me was also fantastic! We got to do a lot of service in the mornings. Between 10 and 12 we can't tract and we can't teach so we decided to schedule service opportunities. On tuesday we helped a lady clean her yard after a year of not taking care of it. They all have dirt yards and so I learned how to rake a yard and make it look...pretty! haha. On Weds and thurs we helped a family paint there house. It took for ever which is why we had to go back thurs and we are finishing tomorrow.

I exercised everyday of the week! Proud? you better be, ha.

We had 8 new investigators which is the most we have had since Elder Dlamini has been here. Lots of the investigators we have are not progressing so we need to find some more people to teach! It sucks not to teach all day. At the beginning of mission I used to be so scared of teaching and would secretly hope that they would ditch but now I just can't go without teaching! It's getting to where I have fun teaching. Even when the people are difficult and don't want to understand or accept what we are saying, it is still fun to figure out how to help the person and try to feel the spirit to let it guide you.

We haven't been able to see Donny this week cause he has been in Gabs but he told us that he is going to be around for a while and most likely even until Nov 11 which is baptismal date! The next time we see him i wouldn't be surprised to find out that he has read the entire Book of Mormon.

On Saturday there was a stake YSA convention in Kanye and Mmokgodumo Dam and we had six investigators come! The activity was pretty cool and good thing that we decided to go cause we had to help the investigators interact with everybody else.  Even though we had those investigators at the activity on saturday we still only had one at church. Confusing? You bet! I dunno what their deal is! haha.

We are still teaching the Gofhamodimo family and they are having a difficult time now. They used to be really excited to do the things necessary to be baptized but now they are lazy again and don't seem to care as much. They keep telling us that their cattle post is what makes it difficult for them. Elder Dlamini and I decided that our service activity for this week is to burn down all the cattle posts in Botswana. The only thing the cattle post is good for is making people not come to church and lose their place in the kingdom of heaven!

Elder Dlamini is starting to get very anxious to go home. He is so worried, scared, excited, and thinking way too much about everything! But it's fine, he's still doing good missionary work. ha.

I got to go on exchanges this week with elder Fackrell the dl. I got to go to lobatse and for the first time out of 16 exchanges here in Kanye i got to leave the area! haha. It's good to saty in your own area but we all love to go see another missionaries area, to meet new people and see a new place.

I'm probably gonna be transferred this time on Oct 2. Am I gonna stay in Bots or go back to SA?? Oh, you need to set up the flag pole in the front yard and fly the botswana flag ;)

Well that's my week! Love you family!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D
Missionaries in Botswana

Me and Elder Dlamini hangin' with the locals

Me and Caiphus, a YSA from Gabs, won't be my friend until I put his picture on the blog!

Playing with the kids in Kanye

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