Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book of Mormon Stand!

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Dlamini
Letter #46

Dumela majitas!

 This week was super mongovious! We had like 22 lessons and the Book of Mormon stand was off the wall!! We have over 50 people to visit this week!

Elder Dlamini and I are still working hard and giving our best effort. The Gofhamodimo family are not coming to church anymore or even reading so we have not been able to visit them as often. We are not exactly sure why. It seems that the mother does not want us there and also one of his daughters found a lot of anti mormon doctrine and even received a lot of crticism at school in Gaborone. We are sad for them but we have not completely given up hope yet.

The time seems like it is flying by the past few weeks. We are teaching many people and having lots of success. WE have been working to get less actives back to church and part of that is finding out where they live since there are no addressses here. There are two families we are especially helping the Lenong family and Mologkadi family. They both have strong testimonies of the Book of Mormon but did not have much fellowshipping or friends at the church which is the reason we have found that most people are inactive here in Kanye.

Another highlight of the week is that we did a Book of Mormon stand Tues and weds and saturday morning and we received 58 names of people to go visit this coming weeks 35 of which were males over the age of 18. We worked hard to get only people who showed real sincere interest to give us their details so we are hoping for a high percentage of success out of these people. We fasted and prayed for the stand to do well last Sunday and so far it seems that things are going very well. We were able to visit two of the fathers last night to deliver them their book of Mormon and also to share a lesson with them. Both of them were very weel ducated and had many qiestions for us.

As part of the book of Mormon stand we also enjoyed giving law of chastity pamphlets to as many immodestly dressed people as we could. Oh and a makua(white person) came up to me and asked me where I was from. In my mind I was thinking "I'm from Botswana! What the heck are YOU doing here!?" haha She is in the peace corps and they start training in kanye. She is from Salt lake but NOT a Mormon ha. Elder Dlamini tried to give her a bok of mormon and of course she said no and we even tried to convince her to let us come teach her so she could have a cool story that she grew up in utah but got baptized in botswana! haha. We have here number so we might be able to teach her.

I'm sorry i forgot my camera this week... I took tons fo pictures and I was excited!

So there are transfers next week! Guesses? Staying? if yes, new companion? going? where? leadership? or will I be a private my whole mission? haha

So I'm also suoer glad that we had a successful week cause it also could have gne the other way to to the fact that Elder Dlamini found out somebody that may or may not have been very special to him got married last week. i know he still wants to be amissionary but since he only has 3 months left he says he just wants to go home now.

Sala Sentle Family!

Love you all!

-Elder Deekmaat(as elder Kuseni says)

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