Monday, April 23, 2012

Who needs transition time? Straight from the city to the village!

Area - Kanye, Botswana
Companion - Elder Holman
Letter #24

KANYE— Family how are you?? :D You sound great like always!

So I'm lucky I got to e-mail today cause I'm in Botswana! ha. Elder Foote and I were praying that I wouldn't get transferred last tuesday. Our prayers were answered and instead I got transferred today! lame ha. But what can I do? The Lord has plans that we don't know. Elder Foote was in the shower when the assistants called Sunday morning. I told him when he got out and he thought I was joking and when he realized it was true he turned around and screamed haha. Botswana has been having lots of issues with visas and such so one of the missionaries got kicked out and I had to replace him. I am in a village called Kanye near Gaborone. Theres gonna be some love lock down goin on around here! ha...jokes.  My new companion is Elder Holman and I don't know jack about him except that he was Elder Footes companion in the Provo MTC.  After I got through the border I got in the car and it was silent all the way until the email shop... weird. But the village is crazy! compared to the city at least. There are goats and cows all over the place and only 3 paved roads! Going through the border was scary cause I didn't know where to go since there are just a bunch of random buildings and a fence and people that talk quietly through glass windows in accents that I can't understand anyway. But I made it and I'm Bots for the next few months. I never thouhgt I was actually gonna come here cause there are only like 40 missionaries here out of 200 and alot of them are sisters since its the only place they are allowed to be in this mission.

I had a great last week with Elder Foote and we met an interested Afrikaaner family which is rare. We met them Tuesday and visited Sunday night for the first time. I DO NOT like leaving an area, there are so many people that I want to continue to teach and see them progress!  Even though we only visited this fmaily once they are one them. ON top of wanting to continue teaching people I was also just enjoying Sunnyside and getting ideas for how to improve the area and all that. I'm gonna miss everyone there so much! What the hey??? Time to have an even better time here in Kanye yeah? haha Well I don't get much time today cause the internet shop is about to close but I love you guys and hope you have another great week!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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  1. I believe the Lord knows exactly who is He is placing in Botswana. There is someone there that can only hear Elder Dirkmaat speak about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.