Monday, January 23, 2012

Lions, Rhinos & Ostriches, Oh My!

Area - Sunnyside, Pretoria
Companion - Elder Jenkinson
Letter #11

PRETORIA— Sorry to hear about all the sickness! Es no bueno. I hope everyone will be well soon. If it's any consolation I've had ringworm for three weeks cause I'm an idiot and thought it was just a weird mosquito bite. But, I figured it out today and in three more weeks time it will be gone :D

Woo!! Sophia is 8!! And she's gonna get baptized! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!! Can't wait to get the announcement!

Good job with the Book of Mormon! That's awesome! Elder Jenkinson has set a goal to read the Bible and Book of Mormon in the next 6 weeks. That's 50 pages a day. He's doin well so far. My goal is just for starters to read the Book of Mormon in the next six weeks.

This week has been another great week. It is the end of my first transfer so now there are going to be some changes that start happening. We figured out that we have almost doubled the amount of lessons taught and new investigators etc per 6 weeks since Elder Jenkinson first came here in september so that was good news! We don't get to go to transfer meeting since we are not being transfered tomorrow but one of the elders in our district is gonna get a new missonary to train and the elder that is leaving is going to be a district leader, opening a new area, and training a new missionary. That's heavy responsibility! This sunday we are having a baptism for our nigerian, chicken feet eating friend, Bernard and for our golden investigator, Pinky. It should be really good and we and the ward are excited!

This month we have been out to eat with other missionaroes a lot which is bad when you only get so much $ a month ha. So this week I have been creating new things to eat and they are actually super good! For breakfast: corn flakes with peanut butter and jelly all mixed together. So much better than milk! For lunch: Make some tuna and eat it with your tortilla chips like chips and salsa. For Dinner: A chicken nugget sandwich with chutney on it. If you dont know what  chutney is, look it up and find some cause it is good and I know you can get it in America, just ask Sister McCune! ;D

So today we went to see some more wild animals. This time we got to drive amongst the lions, rhinos, ostriches etc. We had a lion within 2 feet of our car! It was one of the coolest things ever and who needs the Wild Animal Park when you can have this for only $12 US! Also, I got bit by a lion so there is some risk... No worries though, it was just a cub. We got to go wrestle with the cubs for 5 mins for only 3 dollars. It bit me right on the belly (probs the only meaty place it could bite me) and held on good. It hurt, but it was so worth it!

Yeah, so pretty much missionary work is getting a lot more normal for me and I am really enjoying it! I am starting to talk to people a lot easier and I'm getting used to making friendships. I am pretty comfortable most of the time and when I'm not it's definitely cause the spirit is not as strong. Hopefully in six weeks I'll be ready to be a trainer! :D

Love you family and keep on keeping me updated!

Elder Robert B. Dirkmaat

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