Monday, January 9, 2012

Chicken Butt!

Area - Sunnyside, Pretoria
Companion - Elder Jenkinson
Letter #9

PRETORIA— 12-14ft surf??? That's huge! I wish I could have been there. Why does all the crazy surf and weather happen after I leave man? I heard that it hasn't snowed in Utah yet. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about Nate. Is his foot broken or just hurt? It seems like every Alumni game there is, one of the guys that is "really good" hurts one of the players. But that guy got done by Nate! haha that's why he tripped him.

YMCA eh? I dunno if ripped parents is on the list of things I want to have in my life. Dad, you can be ripped but mom, you're only allowed to stay in shape k? I'm on a 2 year program btw. Work out for 20 minutes every morning, you won't believe your eyes when I come back!

Man, so this week we had record stats for the area for the past...long time. We taught 10 father led families! Most of the people we are teaching are doing well. I said on the phone that I thought we could baptize every person we had on date but the main reason that we can't is that we have so many people to teach during the week.  We can't even see everyone in one week if we went to teach each person for an hour. There are just too many people! But, we are concentrating on a few of them and I think we could possibly have 4 baptisms on the 29th. I had my first baptisms yesterday! There is a family in the ward but one of their daughters wasn't baptized yet. She is 11 years old and has had the lessons before so we re-taught her everything and she was able to be ready yesterday. Even though she's only 11, she is a convert and will be a good addition to the ward, especially since that family is now complete. This week has been so good because of all the lessons we have taught but also because we have been showing up to teach people and they have read what we asked plus more and are telling us the stuff is true before we can even ask them if they believe it. We end up explaining at the end of the lesson that even though they believe it, they still need to pray to receive confirmation. One lady said she is ready for baptism and so we had to explain that there are still things we need to teach etc. She has been to church for a month straight so far. The first 2 times I thought she was a member. We have also got at least 5 new investigastors every week so far and we got 8 this week! God is blessing us so much and I can feel his spirit with us so much as we are talking to these people. Obedience and commitment are the key!

Oh, I ate chicken gizzard at this Nigerian families place. SUPA NASTY! Nigerians have really spicy food as well. oh oh and guess what!?......... (i ate) CHICKEN BUTT! I have never taken a bite of meat and found out I was holding the spine and then turned it around to find out I had to eat whatever was on the other side...

Well thats my week for ya! It's been great! and keeps gettin better every day! :D

Love you guys!

Elder Dirkmaat :D

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