Tuesday, October 8, 2013

6 More Weeks!!

Area- Pretoria, South Africa
Companion- Elder Louw
Letter #96

Hallloooo!! ---  that's a Disney quote, name the character and the movie.

This week has been fantastic! I got a new companion, Elder Louw. he is from Cape Town and he's not a greenie but he is almost a year on mission. Pretty close! haha jk. I still feel like I'm a year. He is going to be teaching me some Afrikaans in my last few weeks. I am already saying lots of things and the members love it! hahah.

Zone activity at the Voortrekker Museum! That place is awesome! The voortrekkers are just like the Mormon pioneers!

I just sent an email to Nate, I hope he has time to reply. How much time does he get on p-day? I got a letter from Eric Kennedy and he is loving Brasil! Yes I did get the package, sorry I forgot to say something, I'm bad at that... Thank you!! I read the book already and the pillow case is being well used. i actually had an extra pillow with no case on it. ha. The package came from Germany so we were all really confused as to who sent it but opening it solved the problem. ;) 

I think this is going to be a great last 6 weeks. This week we had like 4 new investigators all from referrals which was awesome! 2 of the people we met are fathers and we are going to be able to teach their families the next time we go visit. the only problem is that they both wanted the return appt to be 2 weeks from now so we are gonna have to be patient. Passing pass along cards at the street lights is a success! We got a call from a guy that wants to meet with us and for us to bring the DVD to him this Wednesday. He is also probably a family! ALSO, Bantu's son called us this week and he said that he is really serious now about finding the truth and that he wants us to help him find and to help him be able to read and understand the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Powerful! He said he got tired of hearing his dad always talk about the church and everything and that he just wants to know for himself. Bantu is a powerful convert. I know that he will be active for the rest of his life and I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of his family joins as well! When we went to meet his son we also met his ex wife and she also seemed pretty excited to see us. 

We did get to watch conference! It was pretty inspiring. In the words of Bantu, WOW!  I don;t have a favorite yet cause we were late to the Saturday morning session. we were teaching a lesson. and we haven't seen the Sunday afternoon yet. I'm not sure when we will get to see it. 

I thought I was gonna write a lot more but I just had a mind blank. Sorry. I hope you know that i love you! Spreading the gospel is such a great blessing and privilege. This last six weeks will definitely be my best!

-Elder Dirkmaat :D

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