Monday, October 3, 2011

Temple Road Trip!

CARLSBAD — Temples are my favorite places on this planet! My other favorites are in nature(Mother Earth is a temple), tops of mountains(which are temples also), in the ocean(should be a temple! ha jk), and wherever family and friends are.

During the end of August and beginning or September I had the amazing opportunity to visit...6 temples (5 that I had never been inside of before) with my best friend Sara Newman all in one week! I was able to perform my first baptisms for the dead and confirmations for the dead at the San Diego, Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Draper and Oquirrh Mountain temples as well as go through 2 endowment sessions at the Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain temples. We also visited the St. George Temple but didn't get to go in because it was closed for cleaning.

First off, even being able to enter the temple is an incredible experience itself but, being able to perform/participate in sacred ordinances and serving those who have already passed away and being able to do it multiple times in one week was an absolutely and unforgettable spiritually filled week. It's hard to describe the feeling of I have when I'm in the temple but it can be summarized as perfect, peaceful, beautiful, and sacred in every way. I know without a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the one and only true church on this earth today. There is no mistaking the feeling you get when in the temple that it is. I thought I knew before I had been able to go to the temple but it's kind of like I have a new understanding of what "knowing" is now. So excited to go to South Africa at the end of November and teach others what I know. Just wish I could leave right now! haha

 Anything similar about all my posts so far? 

Sara and I headed to Las Vegas!

 The transition going from the outside to the inside of a temple is always a wonderful feeling but because Las Vegas was 112 degrees that day the feeling was 10 times better!
This was my changing room behind a dumpster because we had driven to Las Vegas in our regular clothes. oops!

Finally found somebody to take a picture of both of us! 

Sara should be a photographer yeah?

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  1. Wahooo! Yeah Bobby Dirkmaat! :)Thanks for going with me, you are the best! Keep enjoying that beautiful temple down there! :)